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Cliff & Harry Weeter and Uncle Chester.

I guessed Uncle Chester because I think Aunt Rachel was in the kitchen
stoking the cook stove trying to get a five gallon pot of water up to boil.

Turkey Hunters
Location: Location: Elk County PA
N 41.40422 W 78.25690
Front yard of Pine Camp looking N.E.
Camera:   Brownie Hawkeye
Film:   Kodak 620 12 exposure.
Date: Probably Thursday the 27th or
  Friday the 28th.   Nov 1952.
Time:   Late morning or early afternoon.
Temperature: In the Mid 20's

Now you are probably asking how I remember so much from a Thanksgiving week in the 1950’s.
Just hang in there I will get to that later.

My guess is that Dad and Grandpa came up to camp earlier in the week for bear and turkey season and Mom brought Bruce & I up after school on Wednesday. We had Thursday off and very few kids went to school on Friday because Deer season opened on the following Monday and they were already headed to their hunting camps. Mom would have brought the camera with us so that’s why the picture was probably taken on Thursday or Friday. Time of day can be guessed at by the shadows or the lack thereof. Ok let’s move back into the kitchen where it is toasty warm and spread a newspaper on the floor and start pulling out feathers. The big ones were not too hard to pull out (not easy either) but the small ones were next to impossible. Well about the time we were ready to give up grandma had one of the men lift the big pot of boiling water off the stove and put it on the floor in front of us. Grandma or Aunt Rachel, can not remember which, grabbed the turkey which still had half its feathers and dropped it in the pot to loosen up the remaining feathers. In about a minute the kitchen was filled with the most god awful smell I had ever experienced. Up until then I thought the worst smell in the world was sliding face first into a fresh cow pie! Let me tell you this wild turkey was 100 times worse. I probably had peanut butter and jelly sandwich that night for Thanksgiving dinner because there was no way I was going to be in the same room as that turkey.   I will never forget that smell for the rest of my life.

So now you know how I can remember a Thanksgiving from the 1950’s.

Thanksgiving 2010