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Might we, perhaps, in the interest of fair and accurate journalism wish to revisit this fabled early 1950’s Weeter family Thanksgiving? The “Tale of Two Turkeys Too Many”. Doug, with amazing powers of recollection from his age of six or seven, has captured the essence of this Pine Camp adventure. The picture is a reminder that it was a cold and snowy November in the Pennsylvania “big woods” mountain country. We may never know who made the decision to pluck a wild turkey on the floor at camp rather than outside on the porch. Geez … putrid aroma. Only, then, to roast the unfortunate bird in the old wood cookstove and serve Thanksgiving dinner the next afternoon.

A few years later Grandma Weeter shared an amusing saga (confirmed even later by Mom) of unassuming and conservative Grandpa Weeter faced with the dilemma of one turkey license tag and two too many turkeys. A discreet phone call from Emporium to Aunt Rachel and Uncle Chester was relayed to Mom and Dad. Legendary Pennsylvania game warden Norm Erickson was not to be trifled with. Might it have been a dark green ’49 Pontiac V-8 coupe lurching up Hicks Run Road with two bundled miscreants in the back seat the following day? Dad about age thirty-five in the photo had never harvested a wild turkey and Uncle Chester never was a hunter. Grandpa and Dad may never have been aware that Grandma had shared this story of Thanksgiving intrigue. However, in later years, both were careful to mentor the Weeter brothers with “big woods” hunting ethic, skills and tradition.

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