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We may never know why Doug jumped from our Wilkinsburg second floor porch balcony when he was age seven. Perhaps an attempt to emulate intricate J. Clyde Allen flight maneuvers ( A portent of things to come? ) or, possibly, to escape the rapid-fire discharge torment of a Roy Rogers cap pistol. This would have been the sturdy die-cast western revolver in nickel silver capable of digesting 50 shot cap rolls. When carried in a rapid draw holster even the Lone Ranger and Tonto would have approached a third-grade gunfighter with caution.

With his broken leg in a cast he had ample occasion to consider a career in aviation or follow in the Pennsylvania tradition of Weeter ancestors with superb firearms and outdoor skills. He, of course, chose the cramped cockpits of electronics-crammed high performance aircraft. That will be a stories there that he needs to share.

Doug, later in life, has become an accomplished competitor with records and awards in the technical realm of .22 rimfire benchrest shooting. However, his account of the acquisition of this infamous Mossberg 146B does not quite square with the steel-trap memory of an unrecognized family participant omitted from his soon to be published article.

The truth about this, and other fraudulent episodes, will be revealed during a challenge match to, once and for all, determine Weeter family competence with high-power big game hunting rifles on the Double H Ranch range next summer. That would be, of course, should he be brazen enough to even show up. Boom. (reload) ... Crack. (reload) ... Pow. (reload) ...