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Concerning Your Tale of a 146B:

In the fourth paragraph you mention, "At the same time I got rid of the ugly stamped swivels - I never used a sling either."

I have been told, by sources I cannot divulge, that you were caught on at least one occasion fashioning a piece of clothes line, tied in an obnoxious manner, into a makeshift sling. The sight of which was so appalling that it was necessary for another young hunter to immediately cut the contraption from your body. I was also advised that you rarely were actually "hunting" but rather playing cards with another group of ner' do well individuals. At least the groundhogs were safe.

As you can see I too have been brushing up on my history. But I worry that at least one of you are being a revisionist historian. Would you care to comment?

Tales from a Rumor Monger

or How Hearsay and Heresy Get Started

If you would please read the 2nd line where I say

"Summers were spent roaming the woods .."

The reportedly clothesline incident took place in the depths of Winter.  An attempt to use some of the Survival skills I had learned in Boy Scouts was taken totally out of context.  It is common knowledge in the industry that when traveling many miles in sub zero conditions to a Poker Game it is necessary to protect your shuffling hand from the extremes or your game might suffer.