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Our family name has German origins and would appear to have had transitions in spelling over the generations. Weeter family documents and researched public records show surnames that include Witter, Weiter, Wieder, Weter and Weeter. A 1790 deed in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, had our name spelled Weeter. We have a farm ledger with entry dates scattered between 1858 and 1890. Our name is spelled Weter in this old journal. County census data indicates that a lot of our early family could neither read or write which also created some historical confusion. German speaking settlers, along with most other arrivals, must have undergone a difficult assimilation to a new home in America. Education and language and social skills would evolve over time.
While our Weeter name may have German and Swiss ancestral roots much of our family history does not. We also have a significant family ancestral heritage from the British Isles. Our English ancestors were named Allen, Snow, Robertson and Black. Scottish names in our lineage were Mulligan and Snebold.

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