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While Stationed in the Hawaiian Island in the in the 70's I fell in love with anything marinated in Teriyaki Sauce and then grilled out doors. The best recipe was given to me by a Chinese Couple I rented a house from. The problem with their recipe was you added sugar until it just turned sweet. The amount changed ever time you made it so I was usually sick of teriyaki by the time I was done!
One day I was reading Emily Post in the newspaper and she had a Teriyaki recipe almost the same except it used Brown sugar and Bourbon. I had 20 people coming that night for dinner & did not look forward to Tasting & ruining my dinner so I thought I would give this recipe a try!
Eureka it came out almost perfect with out tasting!
(Not as good as the original but no one knew the difference!)


After the service I came back to the States one day my freezer broke with 30 lbs of deer meat. I threw it in 2 gal. of Teriyaki and called everyone I knew. Wow on short notice 25 came! We grilled and partied for hours and then I mentioned it was deer that they had eaten. - disbelief by all - but they wanted the recipe!
This great recipe became known as Teriyaki II.