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~ Recipe of the Month ~

While Stationed in the Hawaiian Islands in the 70's I fell in love with anything marinated in Teriyaki Sauce and then grilled out doors. The best recipe was given to me by a Chinese Couple I rented a house from. The problem with the recipe was you added sugar until it just turned sweet. The amount of sugar changed ever time you made it so I was usually sick of Teriyaki by the time I was done!
One day I was reading Emily Post in the newspaper and she had a Teriyaki recipe almost the same except it used Brown sugar and Bourbon. It was instant euphoria at the first bite and no more tasting!
This great recipe became known as Teriyaki II.


After the service I came back to the States one day my freezer broke with 30 lbs of deer meat. I threw it in 2 gal. of Teriyaki and called everyone I knew. Wow on short notice 25 came! We grilled and partied for hours and then I mentioned it was deer that they had eaten. - disbelief by all - and they wanted the recipe!